This handy table will enable you to choose which home charging-point unit to buy.

From 1st July 2019, ‘smart’ chargers had to comply with the following OLEV rules, in order to qualify for the home charge grant.

‘Chargepoints must be able to be remotely accessed, and capable of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a signal. Smart charging can reduce peaks in electricity demand, reducing the impact of electric vehicles on the electricity system and keeping costs down for consumers by encouraging off-peak charging’.  

This means, the charger communicates with an online app or software system. This allows the unit to be remotely accessed to receive commands.

This is usually via your home wifi. Our installers will ask you for of the location of your router and check the wifi signal strength at the charger’s location. This may require a Wi-Fi signal booster if your charge-point is some distance from your home’s router. Many chargers come with an app, to connect to the charger, via your home network or Bluetooth. The features and information provided in these apps, varies by manufacturer, our team can help you decide which features suit your requirements.

  • Wireless firmware updates are possible, making it more convenient to upgrade the charger.
  • Depending on the level of monitoring, the manufacturer can check or proactively correct any issues which may effect reliability.

In general, a monitored app-connected charger allows quicker maintenance and future-proofs the home-charger with its software updates.

 Andersen EVEO Mini-ProPodPointRolecZappiEmon-EVSE WallBoxNewMotion - Home
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3yrs3yrs
Charge Rate7 & 22kW7kW7 & 22kW3.7 & 7kW7 & 22kW7 & 22kW7kW & 22kW3.7 & 7kW
LockableWith appWith appKey SwitchKey SwitchWith appWith web-interfaceWith web-appn/a
TypeTethered Type 2 onlyType 1 / 2 and untetheredType 1 / 2 and untetheredType 1 / 2 and untetheredType 2 and untetheredType 2 and untetheredType 1 / 2 and untetheredTethered Type 2 only
Solar ChargingOptional ExtraOptional ExtraNoNoStandardYesNoNo
Client AppYes - KonnectYes - Juice NetYes – Pod PointYes – EV EnergyYes- ZappiWeb interfaceClient App + face/gesture recognitionSmartConnect
Colour OptionsMultipleBlack/white/silverSilver StandardBlack and GreenBlack/WhiteWhiteCopper/MultiMultiple
Load ManagementYesYes (with ALM)YesNoYesNoYesn/a
OLEV smart approvedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Over the air updatesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Monitored UnitYesNoYesNoNoNoYesYes
Cable Length5.5m / 8.5 or 6.5 22kW4.8m4.8m4.8m6.5mn/an/an/a

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