Ecoplugg was set up due to a passion for all things Electric Vehicles (EV) and renewable energy.

Our sole focus is on providing the best EV Installation service and delivering exceptional customer service throughout every installation.

We hope this page introduces you to some of the best EV and Renewable content available.

FAQs – EV Charging Points

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

There are a number of variables effecting how quickly an electric vehicle charges;

  • Type of electric vehicle and the vehicle’s on-board charging hardware/capabilities.
  • The country you charge in; different countries have different electric supplies. For example; UK, Germany, Ireland, France, etc. use 240 volts, whereas other countries use between 110-130 volts, such as; United Stats, Cuba, Taiwan, etc.
  • The type of charging point installed. A standard 3-pin socket may take over 24 hours to fully charge a vehicle such as a Tesla. However, a 120kW Supercharger may only take 25 minutes to charge the Tesla to 80%

A purpose built charging point is most definitely advised for home and work. This will enable the electric vehicle owner to recharge their vehicle as quickly as possible, based on the charging points location, electrical supply and vehicle charging capability. Owning an electric vehicle is an amazing thing, especially when you have the quickest charging solution to hand.

What Qualifications do you have?

At Ecoplugg we focus on just one thing – Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installations. We exist with the sole purpose of carrying out the best installation services in the UK, and especially in the north of the UK.

  • City & Guilds trained and qualifies; including the Industry requirement – Level 3 Award In Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (City & Guilds 2919-01)
  • NAPIT registered – Approved Competent Persons Scheme
  • NICEIC – Approved Contractor

Is installing a charge point disruptive? What does it entail?

The vast majority of EV Chargepoint installations are straightforward, due to our experience and expertise – In fact, It may only take a couple of hours with minimal disruptions.

Prior to the installation day, we will have worked with you in obtaining photos of your consumer unit, electric meter and desired position of the EV charging point. This will allow us to determine whether it will be a standard installation (which most installations are), if so we will provide you with a no obligation quotation and once you have accepted the quotation we will work with you in securing an installation date.

Most properties fall well within our standard installation requirements.
To qualify for our standard installation and pricing your installation needs to:

  1. Have a maximum cable run of 10 metres from your consumer unit to your charge point (most installations fall well within this distance but if you don’t we only charge an extra £5 per meter).
  2. Your consumer unit must be RCD protected and have a spare way for your EV charging unit (most modern consumer units have plenty of spare ways and are RCD units, but even if it doesn’t then you may have a spare way in your garage consumer unit – we will be able to tell you if you simply send us a quick photo of your consumer units).
  3. Your cable is to be surface mounted, that is to say clipped to walls, etc rather than sunk into the ground (most installations do not require the cable to be buried).
  4. No ground works are necessary (it is very unusual for installation to require ground works).
  5. Your property must have an earthing arrangement that complies with current regulations (it is very unusual for properties not to have a suitable earthing arrangement).
  6. Your charging point needs to be fixed to your main property (almost all installations meet this requirement).

If your installation is one of the very rare cases and does in fact fall outside of the requirements of a standard installation, we will explain why and give you the flexibility of options you have available in order to proceed with a charging point installation. Of course, there may be additional costs, due to required hardware upgrades and additional cabling.

These will be fully explained to you and quoted for, we won’t commence work unless you give us your approval first.


Where do you offer your installation services?

Ecoplugg can install anywhere in the UK, however we offer EV charge point installation services mostly in the North of the UK.

Our Industry leading installation services can be used anywhere in the North of the country; Yorkshire and West Riding, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, etc.

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EV & Renewables Facts and Statistics

UK Demand = 43803 MW

Wind = 6665 MW Nuclear = 5140 MW Coal = 1426 MW CCGT = 22032 MW Hydro = 672 MW Pumped = 1030 MW French ICT = 1 MW Irish ICT = 263 MW Dutch ICT = 1056 MW EW ICT = 13.000 MW Oil = 0 MW OCGT = 223 MW Bio = 454 MW Live data from the National Grid is provided courtesy of GridWatch

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