The Zappi charging point, installation service Cheadle

designed and manufactured in Britain by MyEnergi. It is the most intelligent charging point around.

The Zappi can charge from 100% renewable sources such as your solar and wind array. It truly is the first intelligent charge point, enabling the owner to switch between multiple loads to take advantage of high peak solar-generation or cheap grid-generation power (Economy 7 charging.) You are in complete control of the type of electricity feeding your electric vehicle.

Get in touch – we are more than happy to discuss charging needs and assisting as best as we can.


Economy 7 compatible


100% solar and wind-powered charging


Three charge modes: Fast, Eco & Eco+

It pays to own a Zappi EV charging point

Economy 7 charging

3 miles per kWh, 10,000 miles/year
Average rate per kWh 14p = £466/year
Economy 7 rate per kWh 7p = £175/year
Less than a 6 month payback

100% renewable charge

Let solar-power charge your car for free
Let wind-turbine power charge your car for free

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